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Do you actually know what you are invested in?  Are you diversified... or are you over-diversified?  If you are invested in a broad range of funds or ETFs, it is likely that you have no strategy.  Something goes up but something else goes down...  You are paying your advisor to tread water - losing out on opportunities to capitalize on structural trends.   Meta Point Advisors cuts through the financial jargon and groupthink to deliver clients' portfolios that are diversified, transparent, and have a record of beating their financial benchmarks.  Meta Point newsletters explain why many investors' portfolios are sub-optimal and muddied.  

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Marisa (Maya) Joelson founded Meta Point Advisors after several years at Merrill Lynch. 

Maya is a Harvard-trained economist who leverages her two decades of top-level experience across advanced technology, Wall Street, and emerging markets to devise investment strategies for her clients.  Maya's clients benefit from her ability to provide savvy active management without the cumbersome costs and structure of mutual funds. Maya enjoys working wih her clients to understand their personal needs so she can craft tailored financial plans.  Maya's investment views have been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Barron's.

Maya excels at deriving "Meta Points" from economic and market data.  She strives to apply these insights to achieve superior outcomes for her clients. Her ability to abstract important concepts and communicate them has differentiated her, whether writing about Russia's conversion to capitalism while at Harvard, women in business at the World Economic Forum, equity markets in London's hedge fund community, or collaborative technologies for DARPA program managers.

Maya Marisa Joelson holds a MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, a MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern University, and a BA from Wesleyan University. 


December 31, 2020 The Meta Point On Dad, RBG, Me, Death and Estate Tricks to Be Aware Of... A tribute to my dad who died a few days after his Harvard colleague RBG. I explain the impact my dad's tumultuous life as he fled the Nazis but rose up to go to Harvard and be an imposing but loving father. He raised me with ambition but when I have come across barriers, like RBG, I have worked to knock them down.
October 23, 2020 The Meta Point
Smart Investors Aren’t Buying the Market - They’re Being Selective and Strategic
Think you can't beat the market? Think again... See how many investors made a bet on Apple and other stocks and far outpaced the market.
August 19, 2020 The Meta Point Can You Rely on "Socially Responsible" ESG Funds to Invest In Companies that Promote Diversity? Don't be fooled by flashy ESG labels to falsely believe you are investing in companies that promote diversity. Here the inside story of what these funds and finance firms are really doing - and it is not supporting diversity.
April 30, 2020 Forbes ETFs are not as Cheap or Efficient As You May Think; Consider Buying Individual Stocks Instead

Forbes article which provides some key points from Maya Joelson's podcast interview with Nathaniel Baker, host of the Contrarian Investor Podcast.


April 29, 2020 Contrarian Investor Podcast Buy Individual Stocks and Bonds, Not ETFs Listen to Maya Joelson's 30 minute interview with Nathaniel Baker on her investment views, including a short history of personal investing in the US and why many ETFs are riskier and less transparent than most investors realize and why individual stocks and bonds provide better legal protection and can provide a diversified, more strategic portfolio.
April 21, 2020 The Meta Point Strategic Single Stock Investing - Now is the Time to Refine Your Portfolio If you had invested $10K in 1990 in Apple vs. $10K in the US S&P index, you would have over $2 million extra dollars. Even if you didn't believe in single stock investing before COVID, this shows how it can be a superior investment strategy to ETFs and mutual funds.
March 20, 2020 The Meta Point Better Safe than SARSy: Understanding the Risks of Staying Invested This paper lays out the downside risks to staying invested in the markets if you think the Coronoavirus crisis could be akin to the 2008 Financial Crisis and 2001 dot com crises which led to recessions.
February 26, 2020 The Meta Point Is the Coronavirus a Black Swan Event that Will Trigger a Black Bat Market Crash? This was one of the first warnings to investors that the Coronavirus could be a Black Swan to trigger a global market crash.  The paper advised clients to take profits from the 10+ year bull market - had you followed this advice you could have saved yourself ~20%.
December 26, 2017 The Wall Street Journal Bonds vs. Bond Funds: A Distinction Which Wealth Advisors Should Explain Joelson warned that bond funds have underlying risks especially as interest rates rise. What some people might believe are their safest asset may be their riskiest. She also called out the systemic risk of $4 Trillion in bond funds - a risk that Michael Burry of the Big Short brought attention to later in 2019.
January 2004 World Economic Forum Why the Advancement of Women is Strategically (and not Just Politically) Correct Joelson wrote the first paper for the World Economic Forum on advancing women which undepinned the first panel on women in the WEF Official Programme which was attended by CEOs and world leaders. The business case for advancing women as set forth in Joelson's paper as well as the success of WEF's first panel on gender equality prompted WEF to launch its official Gender Programme in 2005. The World Economic Forum has since been an important source of data and research to prompt dialogue and change throughout the world on advancing women.
April 1997 Human Computer Interface Collaboration in Different Organizational Structures DARPA, tha agency which funded the Internet, was funding two seperate programs to build new collaborative technologies. Joelson worked on envisioning how AI and machine learning could be used to enable collaboration in these domains. Years later the thoughts are applicable to the separate growth of Slack and Zoom.

Other Relevant Newsletters:

December 28,2018 Are you Missing Out on Tax-Loss Harvesting and other Single Stock Benefits? In 2018, all major asset classes were down.  This shows the greater tax efficiency in investing in individual stocks.  It also demonstrates that you can be better diversified through a stock portfolio than broad indices which are often highly correlated.
August 16, 2018 Beware of Robo Advisors' Overly Rosy Assumptions Robo advisors and financial advisors are often relying on anachronistic information to project future returns.  This can be misleading to investors -- find out the underlying risks and assumptions.  
January 19, 2018 Misleading Emerging Markets Funds A funny thing happened to the Emerging Markets Indices: they were drastically reorganized and now EM funds are dominated by Asian tech stocks like Alibaba and Tencent.  
January 16, 2018 Is this $4 Trillion Risk Lurking in Your Portfolio? If you own a target date fund or have a diversified portfolio of funds or ETFs, chances are you that you own bond funds.  If you are invested in US bond funds, you are likely to lose money as US interest rates rise.


Prior to advising individuals and small businesses, Maya was a macroeconomic and financial advisor in London to the CEO and top management at Rio Tinto, the world's second largest mining firm.  She also worked in equity research and investment banking and advised the world's most prestigious fund managers on their billion dollar funds and conducted many IPOs.  In 2004, Maya wrote a paper for the World Economic Forum in Davos articulating the business case for advancing women in the workplace which served as the background for a panel for CEOs.   Early in her career, she worked for an software development firm to advise DARPA on how to leverage artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to prepare for the future.

Maya Marisa Joelson holds a MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, a MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern University, and a BA from Wesleyan University. 

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